Cryptographically secured borderless digital cash. Try it yourself in under 5 minutes.


You need a wallet to use Nano. Here are some simple ones.

Natrium Nault
Google Play Store
Nault Web
Apple App Store

Create a new wallet with your app, following the instructions given.

A single wallet can contain multiple accounts with addresses that start with nano_ followed by a string of random numbers and letters. A single account will be automatically created for you. It is safe to share this address and its associated QR code publicly.

Get Nano

Community-run faucets fueled by donations give out small amounts of Nano for new users to test:

In your wallet, click on Receive, then copy your address and enter it at either faucet to receive Nano!

Send Nano

Try sending some of your Nano to a friend! You can also create another account and send to it.

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